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Mada Clinics is entirely financed by donations so every dollar counts. Unlike some larger organizations where a large percentage of donations are lost in administrative fees, any money that is donated to Mada Clinics goes directly to helping the people living in remote regions in Northern Madagascar. In fact, our full financial records, containing all of our expenses, are available to anybody upon request.

Here are some examples of the impact your donation could make:

$1.50 = 1 mosquito net

$5 = 5 doses of malaria medicine

$10 = One child’s school supplies for the entire year

$20 = 5 new desks for the school

$50 = 25 STI testing kits

$100 = Medicine for the clinic for 1 week (treating on average 100 patients per week)

$300 = The total cost of building our new kindergarten

$1,500 = The organizations entire expenses for 1 month

$10,000 = A used 4 wheel drive (necessary for transporting critically ill or injured patients to the nearest advanced medical care facility in Diego Suarez)

Donations can be made through our PayPal account or directly to our bank account. A great way to support Mada Clinics Madagascar is by setting up a recurring monthly donation through PayPal!

Recurring Monthly Donation:

Donation Amounts

Mada Clinics bank transfer information:

Beneficiary name and address – ONG Mada Clinics Madagascar, 7 Rue Notre Dame FKT Avenir, Antsiranana, DIANA, 201, Madagascar

Bank Name – BFV – Société Générale

Bank Address – Rue Richelieu, Antsiranana, DIANA, 201, Madagascar; tel: 261 32 82 221 89

IBAN Number – MG4600008005100500400751187

Swift code/BIC code – BFAVMGMG